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Burlesque Burn provides two different forms of learning: in-person classes held at Evergreen Community Spaces which culminate in an optional performance in the session showcase OR virtual classes from home on your own schedule and with an optional add-on handcrafted burlesque staple (yes, it’s pasties) mailed to you. Check the calendar for information on upcoming sessions or SIGN UP for our mailing list!

Beginner A/B: You may have seen a show, or even just a picture of a pin-up and you want to test it out! Start class with a signature Burlesque Burn workout, then learn basic Burlesque moves and theory over the course of your 6-week session.

Intermediate: You’ve gotten your feet wet, now you’re ready to tackle something just a little more challenging – It’s time to kick it up a notch! Class begins with a signature Burlesque Burn workout, then push yourself with more challenging choreographies, transitions and learning pace.

Advanced: You’ve found your inner Burlesque Goddess and you want to shine as bright as possible! Maybe you’re even choreographing your own solos, duets and group numbers! Starting class with a signature Burlesque Burn workout, you move on to learn the most advanced choreographies at a breakneck speed!

PLUS a rotating selection of focused interest classes such as Diva Strut, Solo Sensation, Cheeky Chair Tease, and many more!